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How to get hired

Being as prepared as possible for your application, interview and beyond is important in making sure you put your best self forward for the role. Here, you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions plus hints and tips about what it takes to be successful at BD.

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Johanna Böhmler

Resourcing Business Partner in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

“Highlight your skills and achievements. But don’t be afraid to share any setbacks or challenges you’ve faced. It will show you were strong enough to deal with them.”


Camille Baranne

EMEA Executive Search Partner

“During the interview, we want to know about the impact that you have had in your previous roles. This means coming prepared with detailed, specific examples including numbers and a quick summary of the context to illustrate how well you performed.”


Recruiter tips

Be prepared

Your interview shouldn’t be daunting, it should be a way for you to get to know us and vice versa. To make sure things go as smoothly as possible, it’s best to be prepared. That means having any questions you might want to ask in the back of your mind – or written in a notebook – being familiar with the role, and knowing how our values could impact your journey with us.

Be yourself

When you walk into your interview, we want to get to know you. This isn’t just about your skills, but your personality, your passions and your ambitions for the future. But remember, it still needs to be relevant. What does your style of working say about you? How can your passions add value to the job? What challenges have you faced in your career? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Show us the real you and ask questions to get to know the real BD.

Be impactful

During the interview, we want to know about the impact that you have had in your previous roles. This means coming prepared with detailed, specific examples including numbers and a quick summary of the context to illustrate how well you performed. In an interview scenario when you are under pressure, it is not always easy to improvise, so make sure to prepare conveying your story clearly and concisely. It will also have the added benefit of boosting your confidence ahead of interviews as you are remembering your achievements!

Bring evidence

Having evidence to support your experience, such as facts and figures, can give us a better picture of the part you could play at BD. It also gives you a chance to show that you can do the job and beyond.

Review your preparation

Preparation is so important that we’re mentioning it again. Once you’ve gathered everything for the interview, review it, know it. Your strengths, achievements and skills, review them again and make sure you can apply each to the position you’ve applied for. Preparation and research always goes down well with future employers.

Interview tips

What can I do to prepare for my interview?

Take some time to find out more about us. This will help you to think about any questions you’d like us to answer. There’s a wealth of information out there about BD. We have a website. We’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. You might find it useful to look at our Glassdoor page. This will tell you what other people think of us. Together, all of this information will build your own personal picture of what we’re like and how to approach your interview with us.

What kind of questions will I be asked at my interview?

We want to get to know you, your skills and competencies. Our questions will be about your experience, who you are as a person and what you can bring to BD. Depending on the role, we may ask specific questions relating to projects you’ve worked on in the past and competencies you developed through your career. We suggest that you prepare for the questions you think we may ask, as well as preparing questions you want to ask us about the role too.

What skills will I need to show?

We want to know the real you. Who you are and what you’re capable of. This will help us see where and how you might be a good fit for us.

Referring to the job description on our website will help you to see what kind of skills and behaviours you need for the role. As a collaborative and results-driven business, there are some skills that you’ll need to be able to thrive within our global company – from communication and organization skills to determination and resilience. We’ll be looking for examples of moments when you have used these skills as well as more role-specific ones. Whichever scenario you choose, focus on the part you played. How did you know what to do? What was the outcome? Paint us a picture of how you think and talk specifically about what you did e.g. “I spoke to lots of different individuals” not “We spoke to…”.

What else will the interviewer be looking for?

We’re looking for the best fit for the right role. This means discussing and understanding your wants and needs compared to the needs of the role you’re applying for. It means identifying your potential to grow within BD. And, it means knowing your thoughts on the future and the part you’ll play in our company.

Will I have the opportunity to ask questions?

Absolutely, we encourage it. Your interview is an opportunity for you to learn about the role and understand which areas you would like to explore further. Prepare questions ahead of your interview but also ensure you ask questions based on the discussion with your interviewer, so you really understand the role and BD.

Application questions

How do I apply?

The best place to start is here. Search our site to find the role you’re interested in, and then follow the instructions to complete an online application.

What information should I include in my application?

We’re looking for talented professionals. We’ll want to hear about your latest accomplishments, your strengths, and how your skills might be applied to a role at BD. Be sure to highlight your achievements in previous jobs – not just your duties. Do you have past projects to share? Include them as attachments or links to give us a better sense of what you can do.

What is BD looking for in candidates?

We’re looking for ambitious individuals who are keen to develop a career at BD. You should demonstrate a genuine interest in the role you’re applying to and be able to explain why you’re applying for this opportunity with us specifically.

What does the recruitment process look like?

If successful at application stage, you’ll be invited to a call with our Talent Acquisition team. Following this will be a telephone interview, which will lead to your face-to-face interview. All of these stages act as opportunities for us to get to know you and vice versa. The number of stages you go through and the number of stakeholders you talk to may vary from role. Personality and technical skills assessments may be used as part of the process too.

How does BD accommodate individuals with disabilities throughout the application process?

BD is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities. If you require assistance or an accommodation because of a disability to participate in the application process, please contact

Does BD offer flexible working?

BD offers a hybrid working model – a mix of in-office and remote work – for a defined group of roles. The exact terms my differ from country to country, so ask your recruiter for more information. You can learn more about BD Workplace 2025 model here

Relocation questions

Will I receive help with relocation?

You may receive help with relocation if eligible. As a global organization, we’re used to helping people transfer across our locations around the world. We understand that it’s a big challenge, whether you’re moving alone or with a family, so if relocation is required, our goal is to make it as stress-free as possible.

If eligible, our relocation package provides a comprehensive, flexible and personalized service to meet your unique needs. Our offering is made up of core services and a range of personal selections, giving you tailored support for a successful transition.

Will my relocation costs be covered?

Those who are eligible may receive a relocation allowance. The details of your relocation package will be discussed as part of the process.

BD Fraud Notice

Please be aware of potentially fraudulent job postings on other websites or suspicious recruiting email or text messages that attempt to collect your confidential information. If you are concerned that an offer of employment with BD, CareFusion or C.R. Bard might be a scam, please verify by searching for the posting on the careers page or contact to confirm its authenticity. For more information click here.